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#220: The Essential Experience.

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Today I begin a new Start-to-Finish series discussing the creation of an application from idea to the App Store.

My Essential Experience Target: An application focused on surfacing the data currently collected by the Apple Watch and iPhone and presenting it in a useful, actionable, and encouraging way.

Blizzard’s Games I discuss:

My previous Start-to-Finish series discussing the creation of Check the Weather:

#218: Blazing Trails.

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Once again the topic of sustainable revenue has surfaced around our lovely community. I’ve recently been changing/adapting my thinking on the subject so it seemed the time to wade in again.

“The app store had its best quarter ever, with a record number of customers making purchases, driving a new record for revenue, and 29 percent year on year growth.”

In April, 2015: 1,561 apps per day (35,929 non-games, 12,451 games, 48,380 total)

Where we are:

From here:

#217: The Brand.

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In some ways this week’s episode is a follow up to last week’s show about hustle. All that thinking about the role that asking for money plays in my business got me to thinking about some of the complications that being the face of your business carries. When you are an independent business owner your own personal brand becomes the brand of your products. This can be awesome but also makes certain parts of promotion and discourse more complicated.

#216: The Hustle.

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Thinking through why I have such a hang up about talking about and asking for Money. Why this is probably not such a great thing for my business and what I might do to fix it.