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#201: On Expedition.

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With the impending arrival of the AppleWatch next year and the WatchKit SDK next month I’m starting to shift my focus towards ‘wearables’. They present a few challenges to me as a developer, not the least of which is that I have almost no experience with that type of device. I used to wear a watch years ago but haven’t consistently for a long time. I saw the Pebble when it first came out and it looked kinda janky. But now it is clear this is an area that the larger companies that I piggyback my business on are heading so I’m trying hard to make sure I don’t fall off.

To help me get up to speed I’ve been purchasing a variety of devices to start getting my feet at least slightly damp, if not actually wet. I started with the Jawbone UP and just got the Microsft Band. These are my initial reactions and thoughts.

#200: Sustained.

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I recently hit a few milestones that got me thinking about the attributes of sustained projects.

  • My 7th iOS (iPhone) Developer Program
  • My first app approved 6 years ago
  • 200 Episodes

I tried to boil them down into four keys:

  • Purpose
  • Diversity
  • Flexibility / Ruthlessness
  • Patience / Tenacity

#198: Boring and Superstitious.

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While a single button might seem somewhat boring or mundane to discuss I unpack the process of thinking through a single button in Emoji++. Specifically how to handle editing of favorites. Ultimately I went with an Edit button rather than a gesture based approach. While somewhat benign superficially decisions like this can make or break your user experience.

Also, why I didn’t make the icons wiggle.